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UCL Referee approachs 5,500th game as official

Interview with Ron McCahil
2017-12-05 00:00:00
Isaac Tozer

UCL Referee Ron McCahil is coming up to his 5,500th game as a match official, and to commemorate his remarkable achievement we spoke to him about his advice for younger officials, and the time he sent of Brazil legend Pele.

Ron has refereed 5,498 games, including fixtures in the United States, Norway, Spain, Belgium and France at both professional and semi-pro level.


UCL: With your 5,500th game as a match official coming up this weekend, how does it feel to have been involved in so many games?

Ron McCahil: It still excites me, I take every game as it comes.


UCL: What is it that has kept you committed to officiating for so long?

Ron McCahil: It is a pleasure for me to referee, they make mistakes just like I make mistakes, but I’ve made many friends through football, you won’t make many more friends than the amount you make through football.


UCL: With so much experience, what advice would you give to younger officials?

Ron McCahil: If you get through the first 2 seasons and still enjoy it, then you have to take it from there. The one piece of advice I would give is only do it if you enjoy it.


UCL: Do you have any particular game that stands out amongst the rest?

Ron McCahil: In 1974 I sent off the greatest player in the world; Pele, in a friendly match played in the USA.


On behalf of everyone at the UCL, we would like to congratulate Ron on his remarkable achievement.

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